Mobile search, exploded!

The problem: Mobile phone browsers lack a customisable multi-engine searchbox, as found in desktop web browsers.

The solution: Firxt provides this functionality in a web-based form, bypassing browser limitations.

Firxt is customisable.

How it works: When you visit the Firxt website, you are provided with a default set of search engine boxes. Clicking 'Customise this list' will take you to the Engine Manager page, where you may rearrange, remove or add engines. In this way, you create your own list of favourite search engines and searchable websites. Firxt provides a URL that you can use to access your custom list on your phone. A growing number of pre-prepared engine lists, or 'portals' can also be used. Firxt portals are each based on a general theme (e.g. 'US', or 'Video') and have easy-to-remember addresses.

Search Manager page

Finding new engines: New engines may be drawn from the extensive list already present on Firxt, or uploaded as OpenSearch '.xml' or Sherlock '.src' search engine description files. OpenSearch and Sherlock files are widely available on the web, and are not difficult to create if you can't find the one you need. Google it! Alternatively, ask me for an engine and I'll do my best to add it!

More information: Watch the Firxt blog for news, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Please share your engine list URLs; help me build more profiles for your special interests!

Enjoy mobile searching with Firxt!

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