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FIRXT Train View — 18,644 Geotagged images, and growing!
Google has Street View, now Firxt has Train View!
I developed technology to combine video footage with changing geographic locations.
The result is FIRXT Train View, a mashup of video footage taken from trains, and Google Earth!
The user experience is similar to that of Google's Street View.
Train View is growing all the time. If you want to request a route or submit footage for inclusion (send in your videos!), or just say 'hi', make contact via the contact form.

See FIRXT Train View in the Google Earth browser plug-in below. For a superior viewing experience, load the KMZ file in the standalone Google Earth program.

If you like Firxt Train View, please join its facebook group.

Hope you enjoy it!

Countries where you can currently find Train View mapping:
 Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Laos, North Korea, Russia, Thailand, UK, USA.

Tips for using Train View
— Train View placemarks look like this:
— To see more placemarks, zoom in on an area around a placemark.
Random Image (Click image for more)

Image coordinates: 51.529792, -0.118332

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